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Our Processes

Learn more about the processes we have in place to ensure we can provide the fastest commercial finance solutions on the market

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Step 1

First, we take a look at your enquiry

Your enquiry comes in via telephone or email and we make an initial assessment of your case.


Step 2

Then we’ll issue your offer

We aim to send a DIP and other documents back within two hours of the enquiry being received. That’s fast.


Step 3

If (or when) you accept our offer

Return the documents to us and the countdown begins.


Step 4

We get started on the Legal bits

Our solicitors will be instructed to begin works.


Step 5


We’ll make credit and media checks, carry out the due diligence process and our Lending Director will inspect the property personally.


Step 6


The legal and underwriting processes come to a close and the deal completes.


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