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Trade Finance

Do you need assistance with the purchase of pre-sold goods? Our Trade Finance solution is available to businesses in need of assistance purchasing inventory from £100,000 to £500,000. We can also help with goods that are not yet sold. Learn more about our Trade Finance solution and how we can help your business.

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Key features of our trade finance solution:

Loans of up to £500,000

Deposits made directly to suppliers

Freight, Duty and Applicable VAT can be funded

What our Trade Finance offers

Are you able to work alongside an existing invoice finance provider?

Yes, subject to satisfactory paperwork being signed.

What security do you require?

A debenture over the company and directors’ guarantees.

Do you offer Stock Finance?

Yes. Stock Finance can be offered where goods are not pre-sold but a strong sales track record is evidenced.

What fees can be covered?

Freight fees, duty fees and any applicable VAT can be funded using our Trade Finance.

Where is this loan available?

This loan is available in England, Scotland and Wales.

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