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National Talk Money Week

11 / 11 / 20

This week is host to ‘Talk Money Week’, an annual campaign that encourages people to talk about their finances. Whether it’s a discussion about loans, savings, pensions and general domestic and commercial spending, Velocity Bridging is using TMW as a great excuse to lead the conversations about all things finance related.

Why is talking about money important?

Often regarded as a ‘touchy subject’, the topic of money is often shunned in conversation both at work and at home. But the impact of Covid-19 has made it more important than ever to discuss finances, as this allows companies and people to have control over their financial future including their capability to address economic unpredictability and unforeseen expenses.

Why Velocity Bridging is supporting this campaign

As short-term loan providers, we know how crucial financial stability is, especially within business. At Velocity Bridging, we are here to help those businesses who need to solve cash flow issues in their company, purchase a new property quickly or refinance an existing facility.

Unlike mortgages, which can have terms of up to 40 years, bridging loans are usually redeemed after no more than 18 months.

This is why it can be the perfect solution for those who need a fast, flexible property loan. The Velocity team is also here to ‘talk money’ and offer any advice relating to bridging loans.

Velocity Bridging is here to help you! Get in touch today on 01704 339588 or drop us an email at to discuss your bridging loan solution with us.

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