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Resi80: 80% LTV

Simple purchase requirements need a simple solution, so we created Resi80, the 80% LTV bridging loan

Offering a competitively low rate for 80% LTV, this is ideal for investors looking to expand their portfolios

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Key features of our 80% LTV loan:

12 month maximum term

Maximum loan of £500,000

No exit fee and no minimum interest payment

2 week completions

Available for single-unit residential properties only

What the Resi80 bridging loan offers

What is Resi80?

Resi80 is Velocity Bridging’s answer to low cost 80% LTV bridging loans for single-unit residential properties.

How long is the process?

Our market-leading 80% LTV loan can be completed in as little as 14 days.

Where is this loan available?

Resi80 is available in England and Wales.

Which properties are eligible for this product?

This product is available to borrowers looking to secure a bridging loan against a single-unit residential property.

Is there an exit fee?

No, there is no exit fee and no minimum interest payment.


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