bridging loans for ex council house

Fast finance on ex-council purchase

01 / 06 / 22

Location: Moreton, Merseyside

Date: May 2021

Property Type: Semi-Detached House, Ex-Council

Auction Finance Value: £103,500


After purchasing a semi-detached ex-council property at auction, a borrower turned to Velocity Bridging for assistance in meeting the 28-day timeframe to complete the purchase.


We provided a gross loan of £103,500, representing 90% of the auction purchase price. This sits just above our minimum purchase price of £100,000. The loan was completed well within the 28-day auction timeframe, ensuring that there were no further issues for the borrower. This was a straightforward case for all involved.


The borrower renovated the property and sold it for a profit, repaying us in the process and walking away with the capital necessary to commit to their next deal.

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