how to get started with bridging loans

How do I get started?

21 / 08 / 20

Each case is different. This is why we take the time to tailor our bridging loans for the client and judge each case individually.

A bridging loan can help your business improve its cash flow, turnover and profit and support future projects. It can also help improve your flexibility and timings too.

Velocity Bridging’s bespoke, flexible approach to providing financial solutions means we can provide personalised feedback: we aim to review and respond to your bridging loan application quickly.

Who is the appropriate client for a bridging loan?

In short, anyone could need/want a bridging loan, but our typical clients tend to be SME businesses, professional landlords and property developers who form the bulk of our client base.

Do you think you are an appropriate candidate for a bridging loan? Get in touch.

What we need from you…

A few personal details are all we will need for starters: your name, company, phone number and email address are the first details.

Followed by some financial info such as the loan amount required, the reason for the funds and the type of bridging loan you’d be interested in. We specialise in: unregulated residential and commercial bridging as well as industrial and agricultural bridging.

And that’s it! Everything else we sort in a tailor-made loan for you.

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